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List Of Registered Colleges In UK

Here you can find the latest updated information of List Of Registered Colleges In UK as per Home Office and UK Border Agency (UKBA). We update our website on daily basis to get the latest about List Of Registered Colleges In UK along with UK immigrations, UK student visas, PSW, Work permits and other UK Visas.

What are the Registered Colleges in UK?

The Registered Sponsors are the organisations which are approved by the UK Border Agency to employ migrants or sponsor migrant students. On 31 March 2009, the registered sponsors published by the Department for Innovation, Universities & Skills (and previously by the Department for Education and Skills).

Under the points-based system, the education provider act as a sponsor, and that organisation will need a licence. After getting a licence, that organisation gets add in to the Registered Sponsors List.

The Registered Sponsors List has the Name, Location and Rating for the Education Providers, and the organisations which are currently registered can be downloaded from the following link:

List of registered/ Sponsored Colleges from Home Office

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