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Documents Required For Tier 4 Student Visa

Here you can find the latest updated information of Documents Required For Tier 4 Student Visa as per Home Office and UK Border Agency (UKBA). We update our website on daily basis to get the latest about Documents Required For Tier 4 Student Visa along with UK immigrations, UK student visas, PSW, Work permits and other UK Visas.

Documents Required For Tier 4 Student Visa

When you make your application, you must provide all the necessary documents to consider. The only documents UK Border Agency will accept as evidence are those listed in this section.

You must send original documents, as well as your photographs and passport, or travel documents, and identity card if you have one.

You must send proof of the availability of your money to get your 10 points for your money.

If you are 16 years old or over, you must also send any documents that you used to get your visa letter or confirmation of acceptance for studies from your approved education provider.

If you do not provide all the documents, your application may refuse and your fee will not be refunded.

The supporting documents can vary from applicant to applicant depending on individual circumstances. The documents required for an application under Tier 4 General Student are as follows:
  • 2 x recent, identical passport-sized photographs of yourself

  • Current passport

  • Any previous passports you have used to travel to and from the UK (If applicable)

  • Identity Card for Foreign Nationals (If applicable)

  • Police Registration Certificate (If applicable)
    Documents that evidence an official name change e.g. marriage certificate (If applicable)

  • Visa Letter - issued by the International Office UWIC transcript(If applicable)

  • College Sponsor Letter ( What is College Sponsor Letter / Visa Letter
  • Confirmation Of Acceptance For Studies (What is Confirmation Of Acceptance For Studies)

  • All the Original Educational Documents or the Original Transcriptions, provided at the time of admission.

  • Letter from the official financial sponsor - only if you are being sponsored by Her Majesty's Government, your home government, the British Council, or any international organisation, company or university

  • Bank Statement: Bank Statements required as per duration of the course and the location of education provider such as:

Applicant Bank Statement:

covering a period of 28 days prior to submitting your application. The account must be in your name and must clearly demonstrate the maintenance costs ( What is Maintenance Cost ) available to you over a 28 days period. Statements must be no more than one month old. If you are applying before 1st October 2009 you only need to provide proof that you have enough money needed on the day that you apply. Therefore, it is advisable that students applying before 1st October 2009 must obtain evidence which is dated as close as possible to the date of your application.

Bank Statement of the guardian (Parents or Relatives):

If the course is longer than one year then this statement needs to attach, to cover the fees of the whole course. Such as the 1st Year fee should be in applicant's account(if not paid in advance) and for the remaining time period, fee(if not paid) could be cover in Parents or any other relative's account.

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